Woodworking: Living Room End Table

I've been at it again!  This time, I've been breaking in the 10-inch sliding compound miter saw that my sweet husby got me for my birthday (best. gift. ever.) by making an end table for the living room.  We recently got a new sofa/loveseat set to replace an overstuffed-style sectional sofa that our dog had really made his own.  This left us with an extra corner in the room!  We needed a table.  True to fashion, when I couldn't find anything out there in the stores and internet that I liked/was the right size, I resolved to make a table that I liked/was the right size.

Based on the rustic X end table from Ana White, I threw this together in a day.  I have yet to finish it (so many options... painting... staining... oxidizing...), but it's already in place.  It has made the right side of the (haphazardly slipcovered) sofa the New Best Seat in the House.

August 13, 2013 by Jennifer Katehos
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Steve said:

Very nice work on that table it looks great.

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