Light and Lush Lotions

If your skin gets dry during the day (and if you're like me and commuting on public transportation every weekday, you’re washing your hands quite a bit!), you can add back moisture with lotion.

With a blend of aloe vera juice and moisturizing coconut oil, our light and luxurious vegan lotions also include humectant vegetable glycerin to help your skin retain moisture.  Together, these natural ingredients moisturize and soothe dry skin without feeling greasy.

Our lotions employ a paraben-free, non-formaldehyde-releasing preservative system of phenoxyethanol and tetrasodium EDTA.  Preservatives are not bad chemicals; they were designed to keep us safe.  These preservatives are absolutely necessary to protect the lotion -- and YOU -- from the dangerous bacteria and harmful microorganisims that can grow in such a water-based product.

To date, there are no "natural" preservatives that are as effective as the made-in-the-lab variety, which is why we're still using the phenoxyethanol / tetrasodium EDTA combination at this time in approved amounts for leave-on and wash-off cosmetic products.  Until we can find, formulate with, and pass challenge testing with a more "natural" preservative approved for use in cosmetics, we are most comfortable ensuring your safety from mold and bacteria by using this preservative system.  We are pleased to have found such an effective system that is paraben-free and non-formaldehyde-releasing!

Little Owl Soap offers three lotions:

+ Baby Lotion is scented with essential oils of lavender and chamomile, making it the perfect lotion for baby’s sensitive skin -- or to baby your own skin.

+ Lush Lavender is scented with sweet, floral, and herbal lavender essential oil.

+ Simply Lotion has no added color or scent, making it perfect for sensitive skin types.


August 27, 2015 by Jennifer Katehos
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