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Ginseng Rose Facial Scrubbing Grains

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Rose clay, ginseng powder, and rose petal powder form the base of our Ginseng Rose Facial Scrubbing Grains & Masque.  Rose clay cleanses and exfoliates the skin while improving circulation, and ginseng powder reduces inflammation, stimulates cell growth, and extends cellular life. Rose petal powder balances the skin and helps to regulate sebum, the skin’s natural barrier and lubricant.

The gift set comes with one bottle of Ginseng Rose Facial Scrubbing Grains & Masque, ceramic dish, stirring spatula, and washcloth, packaged in a kraft gift box, with 100% recycled crinkle paper from an off-the-grid 140-year-old family-run French Paper Mill in Michigan, and tied with a baker's twine bow.

This facial scrub comes as a dry powder to combine with water, your favorite liquid facial cleanser, jojoba oil, non-dairy milk, or even pureed berries.  If you are not vegan, try adding honey, a natural humectant that helps lock in moisture.

For all skin types, including dry and mature skin.

Using a small stirring spatula, mix together in a small ceramic dish about one-half teaspoon of scrubbing grains with enough liquid to form a paste. Gently massage the paste onto your wet face, then rinse away using warm water and a washcloth.  Use two to three times per week.

For a deep-cleansing masque, leave the paste on your face for up to ten minutes before gently rinsing and massaging away the dried paste to leave your skin glowing and pampered.

Eleuthrococcus Senticocus (Ginseng) Powder, Oryza Sativa (Rice) Powder, Chickpea Flour, Kaolinite (Rose Clay), Rosa Damascena (Rose) Petal Powder

100% natural and naturally-derived ingredients


net wt. 1 oz. (29 g) in a glass jar